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About me and this site about Low Purine Diet:

Some years ago my knees suddenly started hurting, especially when I was walking down the stairs.

I thought, “Well, I will have to do something about that, as I am not that old, and don’t want to have pains for the rest of my life.”

So I started exercising at the fitness-center, and it helped.

For a while!

Then it started getting worse, and all my joints started hurting. Sometimes just a little, but sometimes it really was annoying.

Then I started checking what could cause these pains, and ended up knowing a good deal about purine and gout.

This has started me changing my normal diet, from eating a lot of meat and yeast products, to eating much more vegetables, fruit, nuts and drinking cherry juice every day.

I think all the different pieces of advice about what to eat for this and that can be very difficult to combine and follow, but having stopped eating fat food has actually helped me, and I don’t have so much pain anymore. Which is actually quite lucky, as I am having a lot of grandchildren, and I want to be able to play with them without moaning 🙂

So I have written these pages about a low purine diet, and hope it can help somebody have an easier life.
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